The swelling bubble of South African medical education is about to burst

Black students in South Africa were denied access to higher education for almost half a century during apartheid. Today, 23 years after segregation and racial discrimination have been outlawed, young people of all ethnicities and races are free to study in South African universities.

The prospects of a South African student


South Africa is trying hard to make up for a shameful past not only regarding racial discrimination but medical education as well. The reason why the country has one of the highest rates of HIV infected patients in the world is a direct consequence of a weak educational system.

Studying medicine is difficult in South Africa, not just because a job in a local hospital does not pay well, but also due to its less than impressive history. According to these records, in 1966 there were only nine graduates of medical studies. This means that only nine new doctors were available that year for a population that exceeded 20 million at the time.

The current state of medical education in South Africa

Nowadays, the good news is that more children have access to higher studies than ever before. The bad news is that most of the graduates prefer to go and work abroad for bigger salaries and better recognition. One of the most disadvantaged fields in this matter is the medical one where young doctors flee South Africa in search for a better career. If this trend continues, very soon the country will experience the adverse effects caused by a severe shortage of medical staff.

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