The post-apartheid fight with hair loss of South African men

The apartheid legislation imposed by the National Party of South Africa for almost 50 years made it illegal for non-white individuals to access education, medical services and even to hold property. A constant state of oppression and the lack of opportunities created a stressful lifestyle of crushing proportions for most people.

Men, especially felt their health decline as hair loss affected most of the adult males in the country and spread through genetic transfer to their sons. Nowadays, the freed generation of young men is battling this side effect and much more to guarantee a better life for them and their children.

What was life like in apartheid-dominated South Africa?


The 20th century revealed a gradual rupture from the racial past for most countries in the world. The embrace of democracy allowed equal opportunities for all people, regardless of race or gender. South Africa was one of the latest nations to embrace this trend after it made apartheid illegal in 1994.

The surge of charismatic leader Nelson Mandela brought hope for a brave new world to the South African people. Unfortunately, the consequences of half a century of racial stigmatization cannot and will not disappear that easily. One of these adverse side effects is the increasing number of bald men that inherit the damaged DNA material from their oppressed fathers.

A sure way to stop hair loss

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