South African black students under the lash of poor education

The cornerstone of every democracy rests on a robust educational system. This bit of uncontested truth has become a landmark of South Africa right after its emergence from apartheid in 1994. However, the past two decades have shown that when it comes to integrating new generations of black pupils is easier said than done.

Black students and poor job opportunities

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The main issue that South Africa had to solve in 1994 was the reintegration of black students into schools and universities. Their journey as the experimental new pupils of a socialist-capitalist state has not been as smooth as government statistics would like you to believe. Many of them have lost their hopes and their well-being along the way, with some even losing the hairs on their eyelids due to all those late-night studying sessions.

The first generation of black South Africans that were born when the country abolished segregation are now graduating from college. Unfortunately, racial prejudice is still very present in South African society, and the failed transitional process created a stressful situation for the once-segregated community. Many of these students suffer from stress-related side effects like severe hair loss, including the fall of their eyelashes.

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The troubles for black students do not end here. Once they graduate, they have less than 45% chance to get a job in their field of expertise, as this study shows. Apparently, they might have to wait sometime before equality standards become well-rooted in South Africa.

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