South Africa turns a blind eye to the hopeless aging students

When Nelson Mandela stepped into the administrative role in 1994 South Africa seemed like a brave new world. Equal opportunities and freedom of speech appeared to be the cornerstones of a new society where everyone could choose their preferred path.

Sadly, things did not turn out the way most of the people wanted. Years of economic crises, bad government decisions, and uninspired people elections have thrown the country into chaos. Nowadays, the state officials choose to partially ignore the decaying educational system that produces fewer and older students with each passing year.

No country for aging students

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A recent study shows that the South Africa is trying hard to make up for lost time by investing almost 20% of the national budget into education. Nevertheless, it seems a little too late for a system that has become overladen with corruption, ignorance, and indifference in the past two decades. On top of that, the dark shadow of apartheid’s racial prejudices still looms over the schooling structure, making integration of black students seem either difficult or useless.

A worrying fact is the increasing number of aging students all across South Africa. As tuition fees become more expensive every year, fewer pupils can pay for their studies. This practice makes many of them drop out for an unlimited period, and return to finish their education several years later. As a result, every promotion has a staggering number of wrinkled students with dark circles under the eyes, and who look older than they are.

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