How South Africa is treating education from years of political fungus

When apartheid was outlawed in 1994 most of the democratic structures in South Africa were in a deep state of corruption. One of the most affected systems was the educational one where children were still using the cornerstone of racial differences to learn about the world around them.

At first, the teachers and the government officials tried to implement various programs meant to revolutionize the educational system. Unfortunately, different political views prevented a reliable school system from evolving correctly.

The THUTONG program for South African youth

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In 2005 the South African government realized that they have to overcome more problems than just that of outdated school books. They were facing a battle between political parties that overlooked the decaying state of the educational system. The danger of teaching their children pro-apartheid values was looming again over South Africa.

That was the same year that THUTONG was created by the Department of Basic Education in SA. This portal of free education offers support for both teachers and pupils on a variety of subjects. The younger members of the community can access it at any time and follow the paths of personal development or improve their management skills before applying for a job in that sector.

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